Public Entrance

Public Entrance – Physical Security, High Visibility

Secure layer that disappears during the day and maintains visibility at night

Strong barrier that reduces break-ins, keeping burglars out while alarm clock runs

  • Smash-and-grab in and out fast(2 min or less)
  • Shutters prevent even attempts in many cases

*Based on surveys of retail LP professionals with QMI shutters. 2015-19

Public Entrance - Engineered Protection

QMI shutter engineered for superior
performance and aesthetics

Rail Attachment

Support along entire shutter edge retains the curtain under force

Solid, one-piece rail easily secures to building structure for consistent performance

Box Size

Smallest shutter box in the industry, 40 – 50% smaller than traditional wrap with Compactâ„¢

Creates a much more appealing installation

Curtain Strength

Thicker slats and superior end retention ensure curtain integrity if attacked